Logging rsync transfers

Matt McCutchen hashproduct at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 23:40:13 GMT 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-19 at 08:51 +0100, Hamish Robertson wrote:
> rsync -vbalz --stats   --backup-dir=/yesterday_backups/ 
> --exclude-from="exclude_list.txt" --files-from="include_list.txt" 
> --rsh="ssh" . username at mydomain.com:/path/to/folder
> [...]
> On the server, I have the rsync service started at boot and it accepts 
> connects when they are made using the above command. I think this is 
> daemon mode, is that right?
> [...]
> Apr 19 04:36:23 hostname [732]: running: /usr/bin/rsync --server 
> -vblogDtpRz --backup-dir /yesterday_backups/folder/ . /pathtofolder/ 
> (username: username(1033), IP/port: xx.xx.xx.xx yyyy 22)

Since you used the SSH syntax with a single colon, the computers are
invoking rsync on the server over SSH.  The rsync daemon sits idle.  If
you want to use the daemon, write a rsyncd.conf specifying one or more
modules and have the clients use the double-colon or rsync:// syntax.
Then, you'll get lots of information in the daemon's log file or in
syslog if you specified syslog.

Alternatively, log-file.diff adds an experimental option --log-file that
lets non-daemon rsyncs log their actions.  You could disable the daemon
and use this option, but I would recommend using the daemon.

Matt McCutchen
hashproduct at verizon.net

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