Logging rsync transfers

Hamish Robertson hamish at iskmweboffice.com
Wed Apr 19 07:51:18 GMT 2006


I run rsync on a server and I backup our office PCs to it using cwRsync 
on Windows PCs. The command I use to backup these PCs is:

rsync -vbalz --stats   --backup-dir=/yesterday_backups/ 
--exclude-from="exclude_list.txt" --files-from="include_list.txt" 
--rsh="ssh" . username at mydomain.com:/path/to/folder

On the server, I have the rsync service started at boot and it accepts 
connects when they are made using the above command. I think this is 
daemon mode, is that right? I do not have precreated rsync backup 
folders which the computers backup to using commands like:

|rsync -aPv rsync://pub@your-ip-or-hostname/pub/someDirectory

when one has a corresponding entry in |*/etc/rsyncd.conf .

I do not have an rsyncd.conf file at all.

My question is: I would like to know more about my computers when they 
connect and backup, but the only log I get is a line in the system log 
file looking like:

Apr 19 04:36:23 hostname [732]: running: /usr/bin/rsync --server 
-vblogDtpRz --backup-dir /yesterday_backups/folder/ . /pathtofolder/ 
(username: username(1033), IP/port: xx.xx.xx.xx yyyy 22)

THis is the only log I get. Is there a way to configure it so that I 
gather more logging information (eg, which files are transferred, any 
errors etc) even though I do not use the *|rsync:// backup method?

Kind regards


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