logging problems

Julian Pace Ross julian.paceross at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 13:26:16 GMT 2006

Hi Wayne,
Thanks for your mail.
I would just like to confirm that the problem is with my setup:
Using both 2.6.7 with patch, and then 2.6.8cvs ("nightly"), I have the 
following scenario:

On linux box 1 (Suse), in /home/julian I have an rsyncd.conf, including 
the global options:

log file = /var/log/rsyncd.log (a 666 mod file)
log format =  etc...
transfer logging = true

... then the [modules]..

I have no /etc/rsyncd.conf on linuxbox 1, just per-user files.

Now, from linuxbox 2, i run:
rsync -av --delete -e "ssh -i rskey -l julian"   /dir_to_sync   
which invokes a single-use daemon over ssh.

In the named file (/var/log/rsyncd.log)  I get nothing, and everything 
goes to syslog.

I am slightly confused as to whether this is actually the normal case, 
or the named file should indeed be used.
Was the patch you had sent to correct the "connect" message being output 
to the wrong spot,
or all the log messages being output to the wrong spot? ("wrong spot" 
being syslog...)
I would appreciate your confirmation to this.

Thanks again

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