rsync not removing files that are out of date

Matt McCutchen hashproduct at
Wed Apr 5 02:35:08 GMT 2006

On Tue, 2006-04-04 at 14:55 -0400, joecool at wrote:
> I have tried various -u --update --inplace, etc but i'm nervous about the
> --delete commands because they seem to delete from the sender (the primary
> server) which would not be good

No, all the --delete* options delete files from the receiver if their
counterparts on the sender have disappeared.  Maybe you're confusing
them with --remove-sent-files, which does delete transferred regular
files and symlinks from the sender.  In fact, I think
--remove-sent-files is the only option that causes rsync to modify the
sender in any way.
Matt McCutchen
hashproduct at

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