rsync not removing files that are out of date

joecool at joecool at
Tue Apr 4 18:55:08 GMT 2006

I'm running on Red Hat Enterprise 3 machine with ~700Gb of Storage backing up to
a similar machine using rsync backups running 6 times a day on various
directories in /home/.  The inital rsync copied roughly 150gb. Everything
appears to be backing up correctly so no loss of data which is good :)

The problem is that he backup server is not removing data that has been removed
from the primary server.  Some users work with really large images (75-500mb)
and often put them in temp directories until the product is finished and then
remove the old one.  The rsync client is not seeing this so on the server I
have an empty $home/somepath/temp/ directory and on the backup machine I have a
$home/somepath/temp directory that is 20gig. I would rather not exclude the
directories if I can help it.

Now I have about 700Gig of storage but that will be filled in a week if I don't
find a way to automagiclly remove these temp files on the backup server.

Here is my command line:

#rsync -ahv --ignore-times --size-only linux1::home/rdrive /home/

I had to use --ignore-times because some files get changed and windows uses
modified time stamps and rsync appears to use the created time stamp. So the
theory is that when a file size changes it syncs it.  appears to be working so

I have tried various -u --update --inplace, etc but i'm nervous about the
--delete commands because they seem to delete from the sender (the primary
server) which would not be good

any suggestions?  Please don't be ascared to tell me i'm an idiot and i'm doing
something backwards.



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