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Fri Oct 28 20:30:20 GMT 2005

Aaron Morris <aaronwmorris at> writes:

Hello Aaron

> You can take a look at librsync, which is licensed under LGPL.  This
> means you should be able to include librsync in your product, as
> long as you make the source to librsync available.

About the licenses: the (L)GPL allows you to distribute the code, but
does not require you to do so.  If you do publish the source, then
you're required to license it under the (L)GPL again.  See

So a company can easily develop some application using both GPL and
LGPL code as long as it is for internal use only.  Web applications
could be an example of an application which isn't distributed to
customers, and thus the source doesn't have to be published for it.

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