Fwd: rsync and o_direct

Simon Hargrave simon at stuffandting.com
Tue Oct 25 08:19:50 GMT 2005

Guys, posted this last week and had no response so far.  Just posting
again in case anyone missed it.  I really could do with knowing as it's
delaying the rollout of a new project I'm working on.

Thanks, Simon



We currently use rsync for various jobs at our company.  We are now
looking at using it to create an offsite synchonised copy of an Oracle 10g
RAC archive logs area.  The source area is on Oracle OCFS filesystem.

The OCFS filesystem requires all reads/writes to be performed with the
O_DIRECT option, thus bypassing cache.  Oracle provide an updated
coreutils package which includes the --o_direct switch in cp, tar, dd etc
to allow "normal" file operations on OCFS filesystems.

My question is, is there a facility to ensure rsync reads files in
O_DIRECT mode so that we can use it for this purpose?



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