"-signs in rsync as well as in embedded ssh command

Manuel López-Ibáñez manuellopezibanez at yahoo.es
Sat Oct 22 11:44:06 GMT 2005

Peter van der Meer wrote:
> The ProxyCommand option in ssh usually contains space-characters, so it 
> would not work in your example.
> Interpretation by a shell would solve this, but there are other possible 
> sollutions as well.
True! You are right!

> If rsync would give this command to another shell, then this shell would 
> call ssh with parameters:
> 1 -o
> 2 ProxyCommand corkscrew myhttpProxy
> 3+ parameters from rsync to ssh (like hostname)
> This should work.
> But rsync will split the ssh command on spaces and call ssh with 
> parameters:
> 1 -o
> 2 "ProxyCommand
> 3 corkscrew
> 4 myhttpProxy"
> 5+ parameters from rsync to ssh (like hostname)
> This could not work, because ssh cannot understand the -o option.

Nice explanation. I think you are absolutely right. The conclusion is 
that -e should evaluate its argument in a shell. Does everybody else 
agree with this? It would be nice to hear some counter-arguments. 
Otherwise, should I fill a bug report/feature request?



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