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Madison Kelly linux at
Fri Oct 21 16:39:35 GMT 2005

Ade wrote:
> Hi there
> Is there a commercial license for using Rsync or the Rsync algorithm
> within a commercial product? I appreciate that Rsync as it stands is GNU
> and therefore it cannot be used in this way, but I thought that I would
> ask the list. I understand that it is open source, but we have an
> application that would benefit from something like Rsync and therefore
> thought we would ask the question. If the above answer is "no" does
> anyone have any suggestions for other similar technology that can be
> licensed?
> Thanks for the help
> Ade

 From what I understand (I am not a lawyer and all...), you can 
incorporate a GPL'ed product in a commercial product so long as the 
program is not integrated directly into the commercial application's 
code. For example, a commercial application could call the separate 
'rsync' application, read the output and go on about it's business and 
you would not be in violation of the GPL.

The problem comes when you take parts of the 'rsync' (or any GPL'ed 
program's) code and put that code in your program's code. Alternatively, 
if you modify the 'rsync' code to fit your program you will need to make 
those changes available to the general public, but not the code from the 
main commercial program.

Anyone care to comment on whether I am wrong or right?

In the end your lawyer(s) should read the GPL license before making a 
final decision.


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