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Tue Oct 4 00:37:08 GMT 2005

Dear readers,

EmploymentGuide.com presents e-Recruiting campaign of Digitals Planet Co.,
one of the leaders in on-line business in the USA.
Digitals Planet Co. sells and supports wide range of digital goods
worldwide, like plasma TV-sets, LCD TV-SETS, home projectors, projection
TV-sets, and other accessories. The company also provides digital business
and home solutions.
Digitals Planet Co. employs powerful, motivated individuals who possess
Character, Competence, and Commitment and make a habit of exceeding
expectations. These candidatures will be involved in remote working with
the sales force and will be working in major sales cycles. The position
will also be involved in working with sales teams and customers to build
effective sales strategies.
Digitals Planet Co. gives really unique chance for everyone to start
working on-line and get money, because neither experience nor skills are
required to obtain this position. 
The only restrictions are that you should not have any serious criminal
records; you should have perfect credit history, PC and internet access

Please notice that this is not sales gimmick requiring you to pay
join-fees, recruit other people or sign-up a mail-list. In fact the number
of vacancies is limited. You should just follow all instructions and make
business tasks in time. You will receive your deal fee at once after making
concluding each deal successfully. Also wide range of discounts is included
as benefits.
If you are interested in becoming a member of Digitals planet Co. team,
forward your e-mails to: job at digitalsplanet.com

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