Preserving overwritten/deleted items

Grant Jacobs grant.jacobs at
Mon Oct 3 23:37:05 GMT 2005

>On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 11:28:09AM +1300, Grant Jacobs wrote:
>>  You seem to be missing the point I was trying to make.
>Nope.  Go back and re-read my reply -- in it you'll see that I state
>that the backups you mentioned are being made correctly.  If you're not
>seeing that, you need to upgrade to 2.6.6 (2.6.3 is not good enough).

Seems I might need a new version :-(. It wasn't clear to me from your 
previous post that "this is a previous problem fixed since version 
xxx" as your post spent a lot of time addressing things that had 
nothing to do with the backups which is also why I (naturally enough 
I hope!) thought you'd missed my point.

Reading between the lines, I take it that there is no OS-X specific 
version that addresses this (yet)?

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