Is it possible to backup database using rsync?

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Tue Nov 29 10:09:52 GMT 2005

> I want to back up my database using log files. 
> 1. Is it possible to backup database using rsync?


In Windows I perform a series of NET STOP <service> commands prior to
issuing a Rsync command.

This stops the database and allows me to back up its files.

Then afterwards I simply reverse the stop commands with NET START

Works for me.

You can do a similar thing in any OS you may be using.

> 2. Can it copy redo log file which are open?

Rsync can't copy open files. So you need to temporary stop the service
that keeps the file open. Not difficult.

> 3. It has any special feature to handle redo log files of database
> while copying?

What do you mean by 'handle'? And why would it be special?

If you can't stop the services then you'll need to find a Copy program
that does 'shadow copy' of open files. Assuming you're running Windows.
I don't know what term Unix, Linux or Macs use.

But you're talking about having to spend money.

Look up 'Shadow copy' on Google.

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