Problem with rsync on WinXP going to HP-UX or Linux

Wayne Davison wayned at
Thu Nov 10 00:33:07 GMT 2005

On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 02:50:37PM -0800, Stan Sieler wrote:
> rsync  version 2.6.4  protocol version 29
> (2.6.6 requires too many things we don't have installed)

The only extra thing I see is the addition of a setlocale() call in
2.6.5, and you can just run "./configure --disable-locale" to avoid

> 1. from PC to HP-UX: rsh works, rsynch doesn't

You should run rsync with -vv so you can see for sure what remote-shell
command is being run by rsync (to see if it is using rsh or ssh).  Also,
you earlier mentioned that you setup an rsync daemon via xinetd, so you
could alternately use double-colon syntax to talk to that daemon instead
of using a remote-shell.  If it is running the expected rsh.exe, then
that remote-shell may not be capable of sending the full-spectrum of
binary data over the connection.

> 2. from PC to Linux: nothing works

That's a remote-shell problem.

> ssh: connect to host opus port 22: Connection refused

Port 22 is ssh's port, not rsh (as you appear to have discovered later
in your email).  Perhaps you just need to enable sshd on that system or
configure rsync to use rsh via the RSYNC_RSH environment variable.

> /usr/bin/rsh: opus:  not found.

That is a complaint from rsh about its command syntax.  You should use
the -vv option to rsync to see what remote-shell command it is running,
and then figure out if there is a problem with that command syntax by
checking into what rsh requires.


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