Rsync and permissions - rsync version 2.6.4 protocol version 29

Steve Tucknott stevetucknott at
Mon Nov 7 15:45:14 GMT 2005

What does rsync do with permissions?

Using rsync -auvP ./* targetMachine:/targetDir

I sometimes get an error/warning such as:

chown GENERO/uk/reinsure/prod/rel/dbmodify.4gl : Operation not permitted

The source file has owner/group stevet:dev and the target stevet:users

The files are being rsync'd as user 'fyl' - fyl belongs to both dev and
users group.

The 'oddity' is that if the command rsync -auvPn  is used to check
before doing the actual copy, then the error/warning is not given - ie
-auvPn potentially says that nothing needs to be done, but then the
actual copy statement comes up with the chown message.


Steve Tucknott

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