[Bug 3244] exit status with large directories

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Mon Nov 7 15:40:57 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From dan1 at edenpics.com  2005-11-07 08:40 -------
Thanks Wayne for that.

I have probably found the cause of the problem. I was copying the /sys 
directory and that seemed to cause problems. It seems to be a system dependent 
directory that we do not need to make a full backup.
So do you believe that the mirroring process did successfully go until the 
end, but that this error Code 23 is printed out only at the end of the 
transfer or does the transfer stop immediately once this error happens? And if 
only at the end, then would only those read error files not have been copied 
and all the rest is ok?

Also, as you suggested, I forwarded the output of rsync to a file and I saw 
the errors coming up to the console. The errors were the followings:

rsync: send_files failed to open "/sys/bus/pci/drivers/AEC62xx_IDE/new_id": 
Permission denied (13)
rsync: send_files failed to open "/sys/bus/pci/drivers/ALI15x3_IDE/new_id": 
Permission denied (13)
rsync: send_files failed to open "/sys/bus/pci/drivers/AMD_IDE/new_id": 
Permission denied (13)
And about 40 others like this, so this confirms that the problem was coming 
from a problem reading those files.

Anyway, the main problem is that I used the verbose mode and that this has put 
the errors hidden in the large output so I didn't see them. This made me 
believe that the code 23 error was happening on the last line of the output 
and that rsync crashed due to that, and I've been mislead by this. So all is 
my fault.. However now I much better understand what was happening.

Thank you also for that trailing slash explanation, it helps much. Do you know 
why this is implemented differently than the cp program, where the source 
trailing slash is not taken into account to change the behaviour?


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