RSYNC doesn't like Unicode?

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Thu May 26 09:29:23 GMT 2005

> Stuart Halliday wrote:
> >Paul Slootman said:
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> >>The common issue seems to be windows systems, as far as I can tell
> >>here.
> >>Perhaps transferring files (or rather, filenames) between windows
> >>systems with differing locales (or "language settings") is the
> problem,
> >>and someone with intimate knowledge of how to manipulate filenames on
> >>windows needs to investigate this. The problem seems to be that there
> >>aren't too many people that fall into that category.
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> As a Wine hacker working on Unicode related tasks, I think I'll pick 
> this title up.
> >I was using Rsync to copy favourites from one english UK XP sp2
> machine to a Windows 2000 sp4 english UK machine.
> >No different language settings involved.
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> >
> The important thing here is the codepage used. Rsync is not a Unicode 
> application on Windows, and so it's interpretation of the file names is
> dependent on the current codepage. The current codepage is called 
> "Default locale" on Windows 2000 and "Codepage for non Unicode 
> applications" on Windows XP. Either way, it's in the "Regional Options"
> control panel applet, it's global to the computer, and requires 
> administrator privilege and a reboot to change.
> Please check what your settings are on both computers, and let us know.

Thanks for replying and the clear explanation.

My Windows 2000 machine has a default Language setting of 'Western Europe and United States'. With a locale of 'English (United Kingdom)'.

My Windows XP machine has the 'Regional Options' set to 'English (United Kingdom)'.
The Location set to 'United Kingdom'.

Under its Languages tab the two 'supplements language support' options are unticked.

Under its Advanced tab the option - 'Languages for non-unicode programs' is set to 'English (United States)'.

The Code page conversion table has (I presume) the default values ticked (I've never changed them) like 10000 (MAC - Roman) option ticked and a host of others.

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