RSYNC doesn't like Unicode?

Shachar Shemesh rsync at
Thu May 26 08:46:15 GMT 2005

Stuart Halliday wrote:

>Paul Slootman said:
>>The common issue seems to be windows systems, as far as I can tell
>>Perhaps transferring files (or rather, filenames) between windows
>>systems with differing locales (or "language settings") is the problem,
>>and someone with intimate knowledge of how to manipulate filenames on
>>windows needs to investigate this. The problem seems to be that there
>>aren't too many people that fall into that category.
As a Wine hacker working on Unicode related tasks, I think I'll pick 
this title up.

>I was using Rsync to copy favourites from one english UK XP sp2 machine to a Windows 2000 sp4 english UK machine.
>No different language settings involved.
The important thing here is the codepage used. Rsync is not a Unicode 
application on Windows, and so it's interpretation of the file names is 
dependent on the current codepage. The current codepage is called 
"Default locale" on Windows 2000 and "Codepage for non Unicode 
applications" on Windows XP. Either way, it's in the "Regional Options" 
control panel applet, it's global to the computer, and requires 
administrator privilege and a reboot to change.

Please check what your settings are on both computers, and let us know.

>It just so happened that I had placed in my favourites some URLs with a few European characters in their name.
>Something on Windows is tripping up Rsync that's for certain.
Theoretically, turning rsync into a unicode app on Windows could solve 
these issues. I doubt it will actually work, however. It is highly 
likely to create more problems than it solves, but let's try and find 
out what the current problems are before we try to think of a solution.


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting ltd.

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