Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Wed May 25 12:10:19 GMT 2005

On Wed 25 May 2005, Juergen Busam wrote:
> I'm syncing a windows share from a NetApp filer to a local partition on
> my RHEL3 box. I observe the following behavior:
> - rsync syncs more than neccessary, files that haven't changed since years
> - files that have been synced, aged for an hour or two on the netapp host

I can't quite parse that last sentence...

> Environment:
> cifs share mounted to /backup/sync (mount -t smbfs -o
> username=user,password=pwd //server/share /backup/sync)

Why use CIFS? Netapp understands NFS like no one else... so use NFS!

> this user has only read rights on the windows share
> mirror the mounted cifs share to a local partition (rsync -a
> --delete-after /backup/sync/ /dest/dir)

Using rsync over a "network drive" isn't that useful, rsync is meant to
optimize network traffic between de sender and the receiver, possibly at
the cost of more disk IO. In this case, disk IO on the sender *is*
network traffic...

Use -v (one or more times) to see exactly what's going on.

Paul Slootman

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