Juergen Busam busam at gmx.net
Wed May 25 11:24:50 GMT 2005

Hi all!

I'm syncing a windows share from a NetApp filer to a local partition on
my RHEL3 box. I observe the following behavior:

- rsync syncs more than neccessary, files that haven't changed since years
- files that have been synced, aged for an hour or two on the netapp host


cifs share mounted to /backup/sync (mount -t smbfs -o
username=user,password=pwd //server/share /backup/sync)

this user has only read rights on the windows share

mirror the mounted cifs share to a local partition (rsync -a
--delete-after /backup/sync/ /dest/dir)

where is my problem? do I use the wrong switches? how is it possible
that the files age a few hours on the source?

Thank you all in advance for your help


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