RSYNC with Double-byte

layahsee aslay at
Wed May 25 02:14:39 GMT 2005

I am wondering how does RYSNC users in Taiwan or China get the RSYNC 
program running since most of them
are using Chinese Version of Windows.  If none of them is using RSYNC, 
then what is their alternative solutions to
backup their PC data in terms of using Open Source Software

Scott Sykora wrote:

>I'm having the exact same problem as Stuart Halliday above.  I'm using
>rsync on cygwin as a backup solution where several machines backup to and
>OSX server nightly.  For most of the machines this works fine, but any
>filenames rsync comes across with strange characters, for examplc the
>copywright symbol, do not get transfered.
>the error output looks like this:
>mkstemp "/backup/Arrestin Articles/.He 2000, Modules in the photoreceptor
>RGSP-1<B7>G sub beta5L GTPase-accelerating protein complex control effector
>coupling, GTPase acceleration, protein folding, and stability.pdf.Pcp04G"
>failed: Invalid argument
>where the <B7> is a character that doesnt work with rsync.  i could just
>rename most of the files but one of the machines is used by somebody who
>works in the chinese alphabet and none of those file can be handled by rsync.
>is there a way to have rsync change the names to something it can handle? 
>is there a way to wrap or mount the drives in cygwin to get around this? 
>any help would be wonderfull.
>swsykora at ucdavis dot edu

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