does rsync run as a service?

dtra-fyf dtra at
Wed May 18 10:16:41 GMT 2005

Jay Strauss wrote:
> dtra wrote:
>> hi all
>> sorry for the question, but i can't seem to find information on this
>> i'm a linux novice, we are looking to do web server backups
>> i'm using redhat 9, rsync 2.6.4 (among others, rhel3 as well)
>> but is rsync always checking for changes
>> or does it only run when invoked from the command line (if this is the 
>> case, can it be run as a service, and would this be practical if there 
>> are constant file uploads)?
>> one more quick question, do different versions of rsync work together?
>> thanks
>> dave
> rsync can run as a daemon on the box that you want to store or retrieve 
> files from, by issuing "rsync --daemon" google "rsync server setup".
> But to answer your question, NO rsync does not automatically back things 
> up, it's a utility that you can write a script around, and schedule. 
> There is one I've been playing with called "Snapback", go to 
> and search for "snapback".
> As far a different versions of rsync playing well together, my guess is 
> yes, as long as you use the common set of options and functionality 
> between the two versions.  Someone will correct me if I'm wrong
> Jay

if i just use cron to call rsync every 5 minutes or something, is there any
chance of conflicts?
as in one process hasn't finished when the next one begins
are there any known issues with just calling rsync in the cron job?

i can setup the server to go through ssh without using a password

also, i know that this is an rsync mailing list, but have you heard of 
any software that does synchronise files on two servers as a service?


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