Inheriting security permissions from target directory with Cygwin

Mark Thornton mark.p.thornton at
Mon May 16 19:40:09 GMT 2005

Michael Carr wrote:

> I am trying to upload a directory structure with rsync via ssh from 
> one domain to another. I would like the target files (which may or may 
> not already exist on the target machine) to assume the security 
> permissions of the target directory they are placed into, since the 
> target machine lies in a different domain.
> Currently, when I upload these files they seem to assume some strange 
> random security settings that I must invariably repair, which leads to 
> a lot of work for me.
> I tried using CYGWIN=nontsec on both the source and target sides and 
> that didn't seem to have any effect. Is there some rsync switch that 
> tells rsync on the target to ignore security settings on the files and 
> to just use the security settings of the parent directory they are 
> placed into?
> I tried using scp and it gives the same effect as rsync -- strange 
> random security settings on the target files.
> I am using the latest cygwin version and have tried rsync 2.6.3, 
> 2.6.4, and 2.6.5pre1.
>     Thanks!!
>     Michael Carr

I can confirm there is a problem. Using CYGWIN=nontsec worked until 
recently but now appears broken. It is very frustrating.

Mark Thornton

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