not deleting from the root

Mike Zupan hijinks at
Fri May 13 13:13:42 GMT 2005

I have a bit of an issue with rsync. I am using to keep directories in
sync via another server for backup.

Here is the server config
path = /w1
comment = w1 web dir
path = /w2
comment = w2 web dir

Now on the client i run this command

rsync -avv --delete --force /w1/

It will NOT delete anything that is no on the server anymore.. for
example on the server/client there is a /w1/apache/test.txt file if i
remove it on the server it will not be removed from the client.. but
if i run

rsync -avv --delete --force /w1/apache/

I'm stumped to why that works.. but the one above doesn't

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