rsync doesn't exit

Ken Gillett ken at
Fri May 13 07:51:17 GMT 2005

Sorry to have to ask again, but I'm still completely stuck on this.

Can anyone suggest why rsync doesn't exit when there is no output  
console, even though it's not trying to display anything? I can only  
think it must be a quirk of the rsync code, but is there a solution?

On 9 May 2005, at 19:24, Ken Gillett wrote:

> I have a problem with using rsync between a RH Linux 9 rsync server  
> and an ARM based device running what is basically debian linux.  
> RSYNC versions are and 2.6.0 (or 2.5.5, makes no  
> difference) respectively and I have been testing with a set of  
> about 50 files.
> The ARM machine has no display, but when logged in via telnet I can  
> run a shell script that performs the synchronization and reports  
> the result exactly as it should. This works perfectly whether any  
> files actually need copying or not.
> However, if instead I log in via ftp and use the 'site exec'  
> command to run the script, OR if I use the ARM device's built-in  
> menu system to start the script (IOW, no actual display output  
> available for the script) rsync does what it is supposed to, but  
> never exits so the script is effectively hung. It will remain like  
> this indefinitely until I 'kill' the 2 rsync processes, when rsync  
> returns an error of 137.
> By default my script captures the rsync output (to a variable) to  
> be able to report back to the originator and the script also echoes  
> information to provide feedback if it is run from a telnet session.  
> But, I have tested without either of these, IOW, nothing echoed and  
> leaving rsync to run with no attempt to capture the output and it  
> makes no difference so neither is the cause. However, the problem  
> would appear to be caused by the lack of a display device that is  
> upsetting rsync (the script runs perfectly if the rsync command is  
> disabled - but doesn't do what is required of course).
> Does this make any sense to anyone and is there any solution that  
> will allow rsync to complete and exit normally? Right now I'm  
> completely stuck on this with no idea how to get around this issue.

Ken  G i l l e t t


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