[Bug 2628] hangs indefinitely at start of phase 1

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Wed May 11 18:41:49 GMT 2005


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           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|hangs indefinitely (while   |hangs indefinitely at start
                   |listing files)              |of phase 1

------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-05-11 11:41 -------
Thanks for the extra info.  The system-call traces show that the receiver is
waiting to read data from the sender, the sender is waiting to read data from
the generator, and the generator is waiting for data from the receiver. 
Combined with your initial report, this would place the code in the generator at
the spot where it had just finished sending all checksum data to the sender,
sent a -1 (for the end of phase 0), and is now waiting around for redo numbers
or the next end-of-phase message from the receiver.

So, the question is where did some data get lost?  The call to get_redo_num()
should have flushed all the buffered output data that the generator had, so it
would be good to verify that the last buffer of data (the 3700 bytes in that
run) contained the 4 bytes of 0xFF at the end.  If so, what is the sender
waiting for?  Did it not receive the data?  Alternately, if the 3700 bytes of
data did not have the -1, why didn't all the generator's data flush?

A comment in your initial report said that you started out using distro-provided
rsync versions -- that makes me wonder what versions of rsync were exhibiting
the hang?  Is there any chance that the openvpn tunnel is failing to flush?  Or
losing data?

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