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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-05-09 09:31 -------
Thanks for the additional clarifications.  I've just checked in a fix for the
non-optional [DEST] in the appropriate files (since it was also wrong in the
help text).

I'm rewriting the GENERAL section to make it better.  What do you think of this
(raw yodl formatting follows, which is pretty close to plain text):
Rsync copies files either to or from a remote host, or locally on the
current host (it does not support copying files between two remote hosts).

There are two different ways for rsync to contact a remote system: using a
remote-shell program as the transport (such as ssh or rsh) or contacting an
rsync daemon directly via TCP.  The remote-shell transport is used whenever
the source or destination path contains a single colon (:) separator after
a host specification.  Contacting an rsync daemon directly happens when the
source or destination path contains a double colon (::) separator after a
host specification, OR when an rsync:// URL is specified.

As a special case, if a remote source is specified without a destination,
the remote files are listed in an output format similar to "ls -l".

As expected, if neither the source or destination path specify a remote
host, the copy occurs locally (see also the bf(--list-only) option).

Finally, it is possible to use a remote-shell transport to contact a remote
host and then to spawn a single-use rsync daemon for those that want to
make use of some of the daemon features (such as named modules) without
having to run a daemon as a service.  This occurs when rsync is invoked
with an explicit bf(--rsh=COMMAND) (aka "bf(-e COMMAND)") option and either
the source or destination path specifies an rsync daemon (e.g. either a ::
separator or an rsync:// URL).  In this case, rsync contacts the remote
host specified using the specified remote shell, and then starts a
single-use rsync daemon to deal with that copy request.

(I'm also improving the --list-only option to make it clearer how
it works to list the files in a local copy.)

I've updated the documentation.html page -- thanks for the ideas.

I'd suggest asking your final question on the mailing list, since bugzilla isn't
really the place to have such a discussion.  (See also the --fuzzy option.)

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