patch for replacing non-printable chars in filenames

Vidar Madsen vidarino at
Thu Mar 31 11:17:16 GMT 2005


Sorry about picking up a rather ancient thread, but this didn't bite
me until now (when I upgraded to 2.6.4);

Wayne wrote:
> I've also checked
> in an improvement to safe_fname() that makes it use isprint() (instead
> of just looking for newlines).

Is there a chance that this "feature" will become selectable? I have
some scripts that rely on a specially formatted log (made with
--log-format) to do some post-processing after (or during) the
transfer, and these now fail, since several files (whose names contain
non-ascii chars) might be squashed into the same string.

Alternatively, how about escaping the chars instead of just munging
them? I.e. output files like "two-line\x0afile name" or "P\xe5ske"
(norwegian for "easter", for the curious;), or something like that?


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