AW: [rsync-announce] Rsync 2.6.4 released

Markus Kemkes MARKUSK at
Thu Mar 31 07:46:59 GMT 2005

Sorry, aber 2.6.4 ist ZIEMLICH GEIL. Da müssen wir mal die neuen schalterchen ausprobieren. (delete-after zum Beispiel)

Ich lass Dich raus aus so was.



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Betreff: [rsync-announce] Rsync 2.6.4 released

I have released rsync 2.6.4.  This version has quite a few enhancements over 2.6.3, some optimizations in the delete handling, and the usual collection of bug fixes.

I'd like to say "thanks" to everyone who downloaded and tested one of the pre-release versions -- the feedback was very helpful!

A summary of the changes since 2.6.3 is available here:

The latest man pages are online in their usual spots:

And the tar file of the source and its signature are here:

See the web site if you want to get the unified diffs for what changed between 2.6.3 and 2.6.4.



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