Rsync, cygwin and seemingly random deleting of files problem

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On Mon, Mar 21, 2005 at 01:31:53PM +0000, Toby D. Watson wrote: 
> These files are not actually deleted as they are then transferred back 
> in the sync process. 

Do the names of these files differ in case, even after the transfer? 
Are there any weird characters in the filenames that might be translated 
by the underlying FS behind rsync's back?  For instance, if you have a 
file named "foo." (with the trailing dot), that filename is treated the 
same as "foo" under MS Windows, and cygwin doesn't do anything to try to 
encode this filename in a special way, so rsync thinks it has created 
"foo.", but when the transfer happens again, it will be told that "foo" 
exists instead. 


Dear Wayne,
Thanks for the reply; I am not quite certain what you mean about the differing in case of file names. However, I think you have put your finger on at least part of the problem. Two of the file names have umlauts in them, and rsync is deleting and re-copying these files. However, I noticed that when it copies them, the umlaut disappears, which explains why it thinks they have been deleted I guess!
It is also deleting a file with an apostrophe in, but presumably this will be the same problem as you describe?
Is there any way that you know of working around this issue?
Many thanks for your help,
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