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Fri Mar 25 07:33:00 GMT 2005

Dear All,

though my query is not directly with rsync but i thought some of the
people must be using rsync & ssh, so i am posting my query here, in case
if there is some other group or forum pls let me know so that i won't
bother people here(my apologies)

actually, i am facing a very strange issue as :

my objective is to use rsync from windows m/c with ssh(auto), so i did
as ...

1) I installed, from

2) It contains following files(c:\rsync) :- cygwin1.dll, gnudate.exe,
rsetup.bat, rsync2.5.1-dev.exe, rsync246.exe, rsync251-2.exe,
drivec.bat, sshd.exe, ssh-keygen.exe, scp.exe, ssh.exe, ssh-add.exe,

3) Win boxes are win98 & win2000, while linux box is RH9,  bimal is a
user on linux box.

4) I am very much able to do rsync and ssh from window boxes to linux
box (manually), it asks me a password

5) here is what i did(followed above mentioned doc) :-
  *) unzipped in c:\>, so it get installed as
c:\rsync>(all commands are here)
  *) put all the environment variables in autoexec.bat and ran rsetup on
command prompt
  *) i used ssh-keygen -P ""  to generate the key on win m/c
  *) copied file on linux box in /home/bimal/.ssh/
  *) then i did cat >> authorized_keys

this all i did to get auto ssh done, now when i do 

c:\> ssh -l bimal whoami 

i have also  done auto ssh on linux-linux box but am facing this issue
with windows-linux box only!!

it asks me a password, what shall i check now??, any pointer will be  of
great help.


Bimal Pandit
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