maintaining ownership with cygwin/rsync?

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Tue Mar 22 20:38:26 GMT 2005

OK,  I know a lot about unix environments and am very familiar with
rsync (and a big fan).  My MS windows knowledge is at "I play a doctor
on TV" stage.  Hmm.  OK, the analogy needs work.   I know what the words
mean and can stumble my way through many common problems.  


And now I'm trying to use rsync (2.6.3) from the most recent cygwin
distribution.   It works fine, except that when doing an "rsync -a" or
"rsync -archive", I'm expecting the ownership to be maintained, and it
is not - the destination owner is always "Administrator", which is
different from the source (I'm connected to the share as an
Administrator).  I've tried using the collection of switches which "-a"
is shorthand for and get the same thing.  There is nothing tricky about
what I'm trying to do - an example is:


rsync --archive "/cygdrive/z/APC/Verity/" "/cygdrive/z/APC3/Verity"


Perms and modify times are maintained, but ownership is changed.   This
is a fairly critical problem as our quota system is based on ownership.


Any clues?  I'd be happy to rtfm if someone can point me to it! 


Mark Crowder        

Texas Instruments, WW Make IT Infrastructure

email: m-crowder at <mailto:m-crowder at>   


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