Fairly mysterious rsync problem.

Wayne Davison wayned at samba.org
Mon Mar 14 04:26:49 GMT 2005

On Sun, Mar 13, 2005 at 07:41:36AM -0800, Richard Reina wrote:
> rsync -vvv --stats --progress file1
> [...] 
> make_file(3,TEST2)

This indicates that the file that was transferred was "TEST2", not
"file1".  Was that output from a different run?  Or do you have
something that is tweaking your command-line behind the scenes?

> Number of files: 1
> Number of files transferred: 0
> Total file size: 9 bytes

This tells you there was one file, 9 bytes long, but it was not
transferred, presumably because it was up-to-date.  The debug output for
such decisions occurs on the daemon when it is the receiver, so you'll
need to use a modern rsync on the daemon (e.g. 2.6.3) and specify
"max verbosity = 3" in the rsyncd.conf file, at which point you will
see a better description of what is happening in the server's log file
(if you run the client command with -vvv again).


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