Rsync connection times out on very large --files-from

Eli eli-list at
Tue Mar 8 17:35:07 GMT 2005

I've been trying to rsync a very large list of files specified by
--files-from to an rsync daemon and couldn't really figure out why it wasn't
working, but I think I finally understand the error.

I unfortunately don't have the error to paste here for you all to see, since
it takes several hours to get it (and I'm working on a workaround to rsync
the files so I don't have time to try and get the error again) - but if it's
necessary to see it I can reply with it on demand.

Anyways, the file specified in --files-from is about 500mb in size and
contains several million files.  It takes rsync a few hours for it to parse
through all the files in the list.  When it comes time for rsync to start
transmitting file data to the rsync server, it gets an error that the
connection timed out and it couldn't transmit any data.

I'm assuming this is just a standard 60 second tcp connection timeout
problem, but I see no way to implement keepalives or anything on the
connection to prevent it from dropping.  Any ideas?  Is this really


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