rsync with 8bit filename characters or UTF8

Gregory Bleiker g.bleiker at
Tue Mar 8 09:41:49 GMT 2005

Hello all

I'm having a problem that is driving me nuts. I am syncing directories 
that have characters which are not 7-bit Latin encoded, ie. äöü ' and 
the likes. I'm using a windows/cygwin client machine on one side and a 
FreeBSD server on the other side. I use an include/exclude list to 
specify which directories to sync.

If I have a


I put

+ /backup/löl
+ /backup/
- /backup/*
- /*

in my include/exclude file list

I then call rsync something like

rsync /cygdrive/c/ 
tester at
(some params omitted for readability's sake)

Now c:\backup\löl will not be synced because the -/backup/* rule 
excludes it. It seems this is because rsync is seeing /backup/löl as 
/backup/lvl, which is the non-extended ascii version of this path (ö is 
246 in ascii extended, 246-128=118, which is v).

I have tried putting + /backup/lvl in the include file, without success. 
Does anyone know how to avoid this problem (workaround or real 
solution), and who is actually the originator of the problem (cygwin, 
rsync, rsync on FreeBSD server, FreeBSD). Interestingly enough, any 
special character dirs under the include/exclude directories get synced 
just fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Gregory Bleiker

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