Strangeness with rsync

Clay Goss ClayGoss at
Mon Mar 7 22:36:45 GMT 2005

Like Keven, I am getting the same "file has vanished: <some randomly chosen
blady-bla file name> (w/ or w/o the in backup)" message.  However, unlike
Keven, sometimes the file is in the destination, and sometimes it isn't.

My setup is:

	Window XP Pro
	via a mounted Window's share

	FC3 Linux
	rsync 2.6.3

   mount -o username=root,password='<the pw>' <windows pc + share name>
<mount point>
   rsync -vazS --partial --no-blocking-io --timeout=300 --delete
--modify-window=2 \
      --exclude=this \
      --exclude=that \
      --exclude=and \
      --exclude=the \
      --exclude=other \
      --exclude=thing \
      <mount point> <destination path> > newBackup.log
   umount <mount point>

Clay Goss

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