feature request

Frederik Eaton frederik at a5.repetae.net
Sat Mar 5 08:33:27 GMT 2005

One of my pet peeves with rsync is that I too often end up writing

1. rsync a/ h:

when I meant

2. rsync a h:

This is because my shell leaves the trailing slash when I complete
directories. I'm not going to reconfigure my shell just for rsync -
besides, I like the trailing slash as a visual indicator that
something is a directory. But cleaning up from accidental invocation
of #1 is a real pain. Until now I've just been remembering to delete
the slash, but what would be nicer is an option to turn off the
special interepretation of terminal slashes in source paths. Would
this be hard to code? Then I'd make an alias with this option, and
when I wanted to recover the functionality I'd just write:

3. rsync a/. h:

I think #3 does the same thing as #1, is this correct? Let me know if
this is a reasonable suggestion.




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