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Thu Jun 30 06:53:49 GMT 2005

Hi - Nevermind - I got this to work...  still need the source dir - thanks

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	Hi there - various web pages indicated that the emails on the To lines could be used for general questions
	so what the heck ... I'm having a problem getting a specific rsync option to work..
	I am trying to copy a  list of files via rsync - the man pages indicate the --files-from option should work
	but I cant seem to get this to work
	the syntax I'm using is
	rsync -vpgut --stats --bwlimit=50000 --no-relative --files-from=/tmp/DBA_TST.RSYNC_LST  /work/dba_arch/DBA_TST/
	but I get an error that I cant seem to intrepet - nor find ANY examples of a proper files-from syntax
	ctltest02:/tmp> rsync -vpgut --stats --bwlimit=50000 --no-relative --files-from=/tmp/DBA_TST.RSYNC_LST  /work/dba_arch/DBA_TST/
	rsync  version 2.6.2  protocol version 28
	Copyright (C) 1996-2004 by Andrew Tridgell and others
	Please see the rsync(1) and rsyncd.conf(5) man pages for full documentation
	See <>  for updates, bug reports, and answers
	rsync error: syntax or usage error (code 1) at options.c(730)

	Thanks in advance

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