FreeBSD Rsyncing

Jason King jking at
Thu Jun 23 14:17:18 GMT 2005

I'm haing some trouble getting my rsyncing to work in FreeBSD. I'll go 
over my setup.

I have a dedicated server that manages all rsync backups.

I have a NAS device with an NFS share on it that mounts to /backup on 
the server above.

I have 3 FreeBSD machines including the dedicated rsync managing server 
that all have specific folders that need to be backed up nightly. The 
problem I am having is that when I run the rsync command "rsync -av /backup/folder/needed" some of the files are 
copied and some give a permissions error like this one:

rsync: send_files failed to open "/bin/vuserinfo" (in vpopmail): 
Permission denied (13)

I'm running rsync as root so I'm not too sure what the problem is. I 
know you can't SSH to a FreeBSD machine as root. But using another user 
I don't have access to those folder either.

Anyway ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Jason King

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