rsync perl/binding (python) and libraries

Olivier Thauvin olivier.thauvin at
Thu Jun 23 11:54:35 GMT 2005


First I am new on the list, and I think this topic has been allready in past.

I am looking rsync with the idea to create perl-Binding for rsync. I saw in 
the TODO list python binding has been plan in past too.

The current rsync code make this hard as rsync does not provide library 
itself. Of course there is allready librsync for a lib, File::RsyncP as perl 
binding, but this last one is a bit ugly, and does not support all options. 
But It is really annoying to have duplication of the code.

So well, I found many solution way to done perl-Binding:

- rewrite all the code with copy/past
I don't like, waste of time, security fix to sync, ect...

- create perl binding using rsync directly
still copy/past of code to isolate some functions, need rsync source to build 

- creating a lib over rsync code
I back to first issue explain before.

And of course it is possible to rewrite rsync and creating a small executable 
using its own library. But need some major code rewrite.

Of course I am not the rsync maintener, neither developer. I'd like to have 
your point of view:
Do you plan to create a lib ?
Are you interested by this kind of things ?
Are you interested by perl-binding ?
Do you prefer a separate project or integrating this in your cvs to make code 
synchronisation faster ?


Notice creating perl binding can help to make python binding (code sharing and 

Thanks by advance.

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