Need help with the rsync library and the communication protocol

matthias.christian at matthias.christian at
Thu Jul 28 00:09:31 GMT 2005

I'm currently adding rsync to pacman (  A static
version of the program is used for rescue operations. Because of this it
is impossible to use the rsync client programm via an execve call and we
need a version implemented in C. 

So I started implementing it. But the rsync source isn't beautiful or structured
- it's just a big hunk of code. I spent nearly 4 hours in reading it.

Ok, first you transmit your version, e.g. "@RSYNCD: 29"; then you select
the module, e.g. "ftp", or list the modules via "#list". But how to select
the directory in the module? And how to download a file/produce the xdelta.
Is there maybe a paper or something similar describing this protocol?

My other Problem is librsync -- the header file is unreadable. Is there maybe
a doucmentation about this?

Thanks for any help
Matthias-Christian Ott

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