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Wed Jul 6 09:47:03 GMT 2005

Le Tuesday 5 July 2005 17:48, John E. Malmberg a écrit :
> Olivier Thauvin wrote:
> > Currently there is no rsync library for rsync network function. the
> > librsync project provide functions for the file access/md4 part.
> >
> > That exactly the reason why I just started a rewritten of rsync using a
> > struct and to create a real library.
> >
> > Current works is here:
> >
> >
> > But this need lot of works...
>  From a quick look, this looks like a snap-shot of one of the rsync
> releases.

It is a cvs co made recently, true.

Rsync code use many global ans static variable, this is not usable for a 
library. So to done a lib, I took rsync, create a struct and it's typedef 
(see rspeer.h and rspeer.c) and I am removing all global/static variable from 
code to put it inside the rspeer struct.

The current code doesn't works and doesn't compile at time, notice I start 
this one or two weeks ago and I still have to modify all function to pass the 
rspeer struct as argument:

-int allow_access(char *addr, char *host, char *allow_list, char *deny_list)
+int allow_access(rspeer rsp, char *addr, char *host, char *allow_list, char 

> I have an interest in such a project as the normal user interface for
> OpenVMS is a bit different than on UNIX.
> In order for me to use such a library, all routines must be thread safe,
> and allow a single process to do the work.

I currently do not plan to change rsync code else for making code works from 
library, but I am in the first step of the project, and open to all 

I am open to any help to.

> OpenVMS has two options for using such a library, one is using Posix
> Threads, and the other is using a native asynchronous I/O for network
> and terminal and disk access.
> -John
> wb8tyw at
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