central server

Gary P. gary at akwebhosting.net
Thu Feb 24 22:52:26 GMT 2005

I need to eagerly get this done, and with some help from Danny, I think we are close but I know 100% the sample below is wrong

Heres what I got so far and need some help what I am doing wrong. 

1. I setup --daemon on the client servers, but I need to know what to put as a config on each server so that it will backup all the
proper files

2. I did setup the ssh keys and swapped em
3. Bascially I want to run this every night and once the intital is done, it only update changed files
4. the structure on the local is 


So as below, if backup /etc/exim.conf it will be put in




rsync --rsh="ssh -i /root/.ssh/rsync-key" -avHR --stats --numeric-ids --delete \
	/etc/exim.conf                                                  \
	/home											\
kenai.thehideout.net::backup /home/backup/servers/kenai/  >> /var/log/backup.log          
echo "Done with Daily Backup"
mail -s Kenai_Backup_Done letsfly at mtaonline.net < /var/log/backup.log    	


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