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Wayne Davison wayned at samba.org
Thu Feb 24 23:18:02 GMT 2005

On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 01:52:26PM -0900, Gary P. wrote:
> 1. I setup --daemon on the client servers, but I need to know what to
> put as a config on each server so that it will backup all the proper
> files
> 2. I did setup the ssh keys and swapped em

You don't usually want to use both ssh and a daemon.  You certainly
don't need to run a daemon process if you're connecting via ssh (which
runs its own daemon process).  If you're happy with the root-level ssh
access you've setup, just reference the files directly without any
daemon stuff (use the single-colon syntax after the hostname).
Something like this:

rsync --rsh="ssh -i /root/.ssh/rsync-key" -avHR --stats --numeric-ids --delete \
  /etc/exim.conf /home backup:/home/backup/servers/kenai/ >>/var/log/backup.log

I'd have chosen to have the backup server pull data from the client
machines, personally, so that it is the one starting up each host's
backup process.  To reverse the above command, you'd do something like

rsync --rsh="ssh -i /root/.ssh/rsync-key" -avHR --stats --numeric-ids --delete \
  kenai:"/etc/exim.conf /home" /home/backup/servers/kenai/ >>/var/log/backup.log

(Note the use of double quotes to pass multiple sources names to the
remote host.)


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