Problems with rsync server over ssh client

Jeremy Hansen jeremy at
Thu Feb 3 22:01:28 GMT 2005

I'm trying to use ssh on the client side, mainly because I want to
authenticate rsync clients using LDAP.  I'm having issues.  It seems when I
use --rsh="ssh -l username", that the rsync server is ignore my rsyncd.conf
uid and gid directives.  My goal is to create a "dropbox" repository for
files where a user can basically rsync a file to another allow on the rsync
server and allow rsync to handle changing overship on that rsync.  For

    rsync foo.txt -av --rsh="ssh -l joeuser" joeuser at filedrop::repository/

And my rsyncd.conf looks like this:

    uid = root
    gid = root
    syslog facility  = local5
    pid file = /var/run/

        path = /home/janeuser/dropbox
        comment = Jane User Dropbox
        auth users = joeuser janeuser
        read only = false
        uid = janeuser
        gid = janeuser
        use choot = yes

When I use ssh, I get a permission denied on entering /home/janeuser/dropbox
as if its ignoring my uid and gid directives in the module.

Like I said, if I don't use ssh and I use a secrets file, this works as it
should but I really need to be able to authenticate against existing system
users that are using ldap for their authentication.


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