Linux to Windows

John Jablonski jjablonski at
Tue Aug 23 17:11:15 GMT 2005

I have the same problem: backing up IMAP mail on a linux box to a win2k box.

My solution was to tar each mail directory and then rsync that. I'm 
running a cron job on the linux box to do the tars and rsyncs.


Brent Blayney wrote:

> Hello to all,
> I have a script which uses rsync quite nicely to backup my Linux mail 
> server to my XP machine from time to time to facilitate CDR archives.  
> The scrip is run as a batch file on the XP box and is scheduled via 
> Windows Scheduler.
> It works quite well with one exception: many of the mail files come 
> through as 0KB files and it seems that most of these have unusual 
> filenames, particularly those starting with a period.  Since this 
> affects 95% of the files in the mail directories, this is a serious 
> problem for me!  For instance:
> 1120817285.22306_0.mail (works fine)
> .1124450874.30945_0.mail (reports 0KB)
> .1123700716.P14142Q0M23.mail (reports 0KB)
>,U=1,W=42566 (reports 0KB)
> Is there any known fix for this problem? I realize that Linux 
> filenames and conventions don't necessarily play nice with Windows, 
> but perhaps someone here as experience in getting this to work.  
> Google has thus far proved ineffective in finding a solution!
> Also, since I'm new to these mailing lists, how do I reply to someone 
> who as replied to my post?
> Thanks!

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