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Brent Blayney brent at
Tue Aug 23 17:02:07 GMT 2005

Hello to all,

I have a script which uses rsync quite nicely to backup my Linux mail server to my XP machine from time to time to facilitate CDR archives.  The scrip is run as a batch file on the XP box and is scheduled via Windows Scheduler.

It works quite well with one exception: many of the mail files come through as 0KB files and it seems that most of these have unusual filenames, particularly those starting with a period.  Since this affects 95% of the files in the mail directories, this is a serious problem for me!  For instance:

1120817285.22306_0.mail (works fine)
.1124450874.30945_0.mail (reports 0KB)
.1123700716.P14142Q0M23.mail (reports 0KB),U=1,W=42566 (reports 0KB)

Is there any known fix for this problem? I realize that Linux filenames and conventions don't necessarily play nice with Windows, but perhaps someone here as experience in getting this to work.  Google has thus far proved ineffective in finding a solution!

Also, since I'm new to these mailing lists, how do I reply to someone who as replied to my post?

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