win32, ssh and rsync

Donald Orbin orbindrh at
Thu Aug 11 12:34:26 GMT 2005

Hi all

I have been trying to get myhead around this for
smetime now and hope one of the gurus here can assist.

I would like to connect to a server(that is not
running a rsync daemon) to push files from a win32
(2003 server) to an OBSD machine.

The command I have successfully used is:
rsync -Rrazvvu -e "ssh -i .ssh/pvt"
/cygdrive/c/dirname username at  
[where BACKUP is a directory /home/username/BACKUP ]

This reports "opening conection using " :
ssh -i .ssh/pvt -l username rsync --server
-vvulogDtprRz . BACKUP
[and youcan see the process on the server...
 ie: rsync --server -vvulogDtprRz . BACKUP ]

After which te synchronisation takes place.

I have written a compiled vb wrapper programto perform
this operation - however it does not run from the
windows 2003 scheduler.

I thus want to know if the command can be broken into
2 parts... the ssh connect part... and the rsync part.
 I do not beleive this is the same as the ssh
tunneling since the rsyncd.conf file does not exist on
the server and I am notrunning rsync as a daemon.

Has anyone else had experience with this.


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