--link-dest / --hard-links problem

Raphael Jaffey rjaffey at artic.edu
Mon Apr 25 21:58:13 GMT 2005

I'm now using rsync-HEAD-20050424-0034GMT and everything seems to be 
working properly as near as I can tell.


At 5:44 PM -0700 4/23/05, Wayne Davison wrote:
>On Sat, Apr 23, 2005 at 06:46:23PM -0500, Raphael Jaffey wrote:
>>  Should this be OK or is the most recent "bleeding edge" more stable?
>The CVS version is more stable than 2.6.4 because it's almost entirely
>composed of bug fixes (I'm working toward a bug-fix release in the not-
>too-distant future).  I wouldn't recommend 2.5.7 -- too many bug fixes
>have gone into rsync since then, so I personally wouldn't use anything
>older than 2.6.3 (which is about 7 months old now).   I use the latest
>CVS version on all my systems (which identifies itself as "2.6.5cvs").
>FYI, the latest "nightly" tar file now has all CVS bug fixes in it, so
>if you want an easier way to fetch the latest and greatest,  you won't
>need to apply any patches to that.

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