cygwin + rsync 2.6.3-1

Paco Martinez Rodriguez pmartinez at
Fri Apr 22 15:18:27 GMT 2005

Estimated gurus.

I my PC Windows I have installed cygwin and rsync 2.6.3-1.

My PC executes -in batch mode-daily rsync with these parameters
"--archive --delete --progress --stats" and saves each days results of
this process in a log file.

Somedays, rsync doesn't run very well.  Files aren't copied but in log
file appers like all files are being written without any problem.

Even, in log files appears, size transferred, speed transferring... but
files aren't copied.

Free disk is 10 Gb.

Is there any problem or bug with this rsync version.??  Any other
parameter to control more slightly this problem

Thank you very much !!!

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