RSync on Win32

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at
Fri Sep 17 20:25:59 GMT 2004

    The setup:

       File Server with Windows 2000 Server: shares multiple drives to
            a large network consisting of both Macs and PCs.
            Macs run OS9 and OSX.

       Backup Server with Windows 2003 Server: has Cygwin installed so
            I can use rsync (which is included with Cygwin).


    rsync -av --delete /cygdrive/z/ /cygdrive/d/
       ( /cygdrive/z/ is a shared drive from the file server
         /cygdrive/d/ is a local drive )

    As soon as this starts, I start seeing errors like this:

    file has vanished:
    "/cygdrive/z/LJ 430/Completed Orders/513000/513476 \
                Tassone Mary no Cd/ART/high res/59?04.tif"
    (note the ? in the file name)

    Here's the thing, there is no ? in the file name.  And I can go on 
to the file server, double click on that file and it opens up just fine 
in Photoshop, with no extra or fancy characters in the name.  I can do 
the same from any of the Macs on the network.  Why rsync sees a ? in it, 
I don't know, and it simply gets skipped in the copy process.

    Problem number two is when it actually stars to copy files, I get 
this as soon as it starts:

    IO error encountered - skipping file deletion

    And as that says, it won't do file deletions.  The drive is fine, so 
I'm not sure what IO error it's complaining about here.  And it does the 
same thing on all four of the rsync process it needs to run every day.

    Anyway have any ideas on how to resolve this?

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